Our eight-day expedition traverses the entire 280 miles of the Canyon, beginning at Lees Ferry, Arizona and ending at Pearce Ferry on Lake Mead, with plenty of time for exploration along the way.

To many, the most thrilling event on a Grand Canyon voyage is riding the rapids. The exhilaration you feel as your raft plunges through the waves cannot be described, it must only be felt.

But no less thrilling are the many opportunities to explore the other wonders of the Canyon-to play in the pools and waterfalls of the warm tributary streams; to walk the winding side canyons; to sit in the shade of a tamarisk tree and watch the river swirl past.

Life on the river is pleasant. Eight days of exciting rapids, exploration and sleeping under the stars will seem to pass much too quickly!


  • Travel entire 280 miles of Canyon
  • All-inclusive
  • Round trip transportation from Las Vegas, NV
  • All camping equipment included
  • 1st class meals prepared with fresh meats and produce
  • Only 14 guests per raft


Grand Canyon National Park